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Thread: what format should i output to

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    Default what format should i output to


    I have adobe premier elements. I bought it after using some less good software in the past, and compared to everything else i've used it is excellent.

    However, a problem i have always had still remains.

    I use video for work purposes. We have to film potential contracts so that the client can see what needs to be done (we work in inaccessible places). This means that i have lots of short films to edit (from 5 or 10 minutes up to an hour).

    I like the resolution and quality of the finished films to be as good as it was when it was first imported into the computer, but the only way i seem to be able to get this is to export the finished movie as avi or dvd format. Mpeg always seems (even when set to maximum quality) to have things wrong with it. Either the definition in the picture is just rubbish or i get these annoying black lines that show up around edges whenever there is any fast movement.

    Now avi is fine but the file size is normally too big to put it on a cd, and a lot of our clients have computers that wont play a dvd, so they want it on cd. That leads me also to the problem with dvd format. This also gives great quality but obviously it has to be burned to a dvd (i just tried burning a dvd movie to a cd and it worked fine on my computer but wouldn't work on my dvd player).

    Am i doing something wrong with mpeg. I just tried settiing the mpeg settings on premier as high as i could and i still got a terrible result with black lines all over the screen and artefacts.

    I hope i have not made the above confusing. Anyway, i am not very experienced at this and i would really appreciate it if some of you people who know what you are doing could tell me what format i should go for, and also - is mpeg really as bad as i think it is???????

    Many thanks

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    Mpeg is not too bad, but you must have in mind that it's a compressed format, it will ever lose some quality. In the other hand, AVI it's an uncompressed format, which is the best for burn DVDs. Now, there are different types of Mpegs. Try tou use the one that best fits on a CD.
    Other solution is burn a DVD and then make a Divx from it, it might a very good solution for those who haven't a DVD player.

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    thanks for the reply.

    sorry but i don't know what a divx is. could you tell me

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    Divx is the brand name of a video compression technology. It's just another way to compress video. It maintains a very good video quality, while decreases its size.

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    sounds useful. premiere elements doesn't do it does it? if it does it must be well hidden. what software do you use for this. a freeware utility maybe?? what do you use yourself.

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    download Virtual Dub. It's free and it's great.

    You'll need to download the DivX codec from first.

    BTW, the free version of divx used to have adware/spyware in it, but all new versions of it don't have nasty popup window generating nonsense now.

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