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Thread: Sony Vegas vs. Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 effects

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    Default Sony Vegas vs. Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 effects

    So hey... ahah first post and I am wondering what is the difference between sony vegas and vegas movie studio HD 11.0? I am using vegas movie studio HD 11 because I find that sony vegas is just WAAAAAAAY to expensive. So are the effects the same? can you download extra effects for vegas movie studio HD 11? Please let me know


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    About 400 pounds, no it has a lot more under the hood, especially scripts, gawd bless them

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    Link comparison - I notice that text "ProType Titler" is only in Pro-version, yet on SonyCreative website last week, I watched a Tutorial that said studio v11 did include this feature.
    This was made a special point as older "projects" would have to use the earlier text-creation tool, renamed "Classic Text" - - - DYOR.

    Does anyone know if Sony (perhaps) changed their mind? As it might be said that Titling is one of Vegas Studio's weaknesses.
    With Pro Titler I watched text being moved about by using the Preview screen, so much easier to judge the artistic effects. I think it also showed a rotation feature. I suspect this may have been necessary to include the 3D-text handling, so easier to use an existing module (from Pro), rather than write one that's almost the same.

    I'm still with Studio v10, not impressed by Sony's "offer" to upgrade, having only had the prog 5 months....... and already, I can buy a boxed version for less.
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    VP11 has a cut down version, you can use the pan and scan with the titler to add more effects

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    Note though that the 'Titles and Text' plugin in VP11 is very buggy in respect of key frames. Try some animation using key frames. Then go back later and change the font size or something like that, and watch your key frame settings disappear. Grrrrrrr Sony. :-(

    Incidentally Sony have advised me that this will be fixed in the next build.
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