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Thread: V.Studio v 10....Rendering to HDD

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    Default V.Studio v 10....Rendering to HDD

    To make short "experimental" into DVDs is wasteful and I'd prefer to put them on the HDD; then burn a "collection", however I've had little success doing this. I just let the software do what it likes (regarding files/formats etc,), although I have created a folder "renders" -so I know where to find them.

    Today I burnt a 2min DVD which plays OK, although the Edit went wrong and I'd not spotted it (yes in 2min-how could I miss it!!!), so I corrected it and Rendered to HDD...using the setting Vegas wanted, apart from the FIle location as described above.

    This is what Vegas Studio v10 is using: (under "Make Movie"/"Save to Hard Disc"....)
    File Path: K:/VegasFolder/Renders/"movie name"(dot)avi

    Format: Video for windows .avi

    Description: HD 1080-50i, using Sony YUV codec. OpenDML compatible.
    Audio: 48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, PCM
    Video: 25 fps, 1920x1080 Upper field first, YUV
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

    -The resulting file won't play using WMM-HC and using WMM (which is slightly more-forgiving), it plays with the sound track stuttering, although the video is good as expected.

    My PC ought to be fast enough to play, although I've had lip-sync issues in the past....2-core 2.7GHz Win7-32-bit 4G RAM - plenty SATA HDD unused...and 500M graphics.

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    I'm not sure if there is a question in your post or if it's just a statement.

    A 2-core computer is not going to play back an uncompressed HD .avi file that well. They take a lot of power to play smoothly. My 2-core computer wouldn't anyway.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue,
    -there was a Q somewhere there but it eludes me, reading again.
    (BTW the resulting DVD is played on a DVD-player, I may have confused the issue - the avi file is created after Rendering in Vegas Studio.) Er, I think.

    Perhaps I need to get the story straight and repost, sorry.

    Architect Studio:
    I've been chasing my tail to resolve this.
    Finding Architect Studio rather complex, navigating the many possibilities...
    (By comparison I use Vegas Studio for many hours, tweaking here and there).
    What I don't understand is why Architect will burn a useless disc, without suggesting a solution, the "error reports" don't really convey much, and don't hint at "What is wrong", although I've a limited understanding anyway.
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    I'm not an Architect expert at all. What I would do is create a mpg2 file from Vegas as this is what will eventually end up on the DVD. There should be DVDA templates for this but I've only ever used Vegas Pro so I'm not sure if the steps are the same to render a video to the format you want.

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    Use an mpeg2 template with no audio to render the video and ac3 for the audio.
    Set DVD-A to the same project settings, eg pal, 16:9, ac3 audio..

    DVD-A should not have to re-render if you have the correct setting for the renders.

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    Default Rendering to Architect Studio

    Thanks guys, this is becoming useful stuff...

    Today, I have reviewed what Vegas Studio 10 is doing . . . . .
    For Burn-DVD option:
    Video path makes little sense...ends projectname.mpg
    Audio path makes little sense...ends projectname.ac3
    (is this Video/Audio pair, what I should have?)

    However, if I take the Vegas Option to Save To Hard-Disc this is what I see...
    Video path (on my second HDD)...\VegasFolder\Renders\Projectname.avi
    Audio path - - - - - none shown....
    (er, why not?)

    In Architect Studio it appears to use a Temporary location:
    .....DVDArchitectStudio5.0\Projects\MyDiscs\Untitl ed17
    (normally after Burning a DVD, I refuse to "save" the compilation, so I'm guessing I'd have to repeat the Vegas Studio "Render"+Architect Studio processes. for another DVD later-on.

    However, if I could understand the files better, I'm thinking I could Render (in Vegas Studio) all my Vids to the HDD and then let ArchitectStudio create the Menu+Background+Progress+(selection of) various already Rendered "My-Vids."

    The purpose of this Thread, being trying to create multiple title DVD's so as to save having a 2-min vid on every DVD....this is both silly and wasteful.

    If I burn a single-title DVD I usually get a satisfactory outcome - it plays on my TV+DVD-Player
    However, if I try to be clever and Save to HDD - I don't think I've ever got a satisfactory DVD ..... just "coasters".

    In time, with Tuition I may make sense of DVD Menus - but for now, if I can << >> move through the Titles, that will be good enough. Later on I will want to have "extras" and "scenes" - but I can do without that for now....

    What surprises me is that others don't suffer these same problems...

    Z-cheema - I can't say what template I'm using, it appears to be whatever Vegas-Studio selects . . . . but since it makes playable DVDs (most of the time!), I must presume it's correct. My camera is 1920x1080 x50i, for a PAL system.

    Sorry, there seems to be an issue with this Post's text . . . I had to enlarge it to make it readable....
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    If I understand correctly, your over all objective is to make a number of short movies then put them all onto one DVD.

    This should be a simple thing to do. Make the movie in Vegas as usual I've never used Studio so I don't know the rendering or "make movie" procedure. Open DVDA. Click on menu1 (grey square with white star on purple background) then click on the yellow + symbol and select Media. Then browse to the video file you want to add to the DVD do this again until you have added all the videos you want. Or if they are all in the same folder select them all at the same time. This brings the videos into DVD menu page, you will see an icon for each video you have added.

    Is this what your looking for.

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    ON MS10 your using the MAKE MOVIE icon.

    You need to go to PROJECT > RENDER AS and then select the templates form there, you can also make the custom ones there as well

    For additional clips in DVD-A...
    Open DVD-A, you should have a blank menu screen with some text along the top
    Find you clips in windows explorer, then drag and drop the clip on to the Blank menu screen.
    You can re-size etc there as required. You can change the text or remove the image or change the still image just read the manual.

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    Thanks guys, Posts #7 & #8 seem to agree - and MB yes you're right; I do want to put several vids on one DVD. i.e.a mix, which will vary from time-to time. I suppose my issue with DA(S) is that it is quite happy to create a virtually blank DVD - I'd have thought that there are only so-many standards that will play-back on average DVD players, so only DVD's that are lined-up to produce that will be satisfactory.
    Yet I have DVD that show only Menu 1 - the rest would appear to be wasted space . . . . .

    When I create a single movie - DA(S) appears to go a different (simple) route, so I'm learning a different skill-set, compared with a multiple Vid- DVD. For a beginner, this causes confusion.

    Perhaps you can make a table of the Video/audio files that will go together for a working DVD?

    #4,#5 appears to give me (after the Render process),the Video[mpeg2]+Audio format[ac3] which I can store on my HDD (until required); then I use DA(S) to make the multiple-menu this it?

    If that's so, then what format are my existing video-renders in, I wonder?

    Somewhere, I think I have a note of these files/locations . . . (still looking) - will advise ASAP.

    What is the name for the (like render), process that DA(S) takes to convert the Rendered files into "DVD-player" format.
    Also, could someone tell me what files should be on the DVD?
    I assuming there will be Video and Audio files with (probably the same "project-like" name and then something that acts as an index controller along with a list of the text/music/stills etc that make up the Splash screen when first-played.

    When I close DA(S) it asks if I want to Save it . . . but doesn't tell me "what" I'm saving - is this the elements of the whole DVD (I usually click "No"), then it closes.

    Also, why does "Preview" cause a "remote-control" to appear? . ..[ which doesn't really play correctly? I have to "click" all over it, to make it go - it's really seriously rubbish.]

    Thanks, in anticipation...

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    From your post you seem to have managed to make things far more complicated than they need to be or actually are.

    The simple steps are
    1. Make a video in Sony Vegas,
    2. Render As mpg2 w
    3. When you have all the vedeos you want. Open DVDA and add them as described in post 7 or 8.

    Which part of this procedure are you having a problem with. If you make your posts short it's easier for me to understand them. We can just deal with one point at a time until you've reached your goal.

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