Hello all,

Firstly I just want to welcome myself to these forums as this is my first posting on the site. I joined this site because like all of you, I enjoy video editing of various sorts and wanted to find a spot to share my content with others. I started video editing about 8 or 9 months ago, and have been utilizing the hobby quite often. The program that I primarily use for making videos is Cyberlink PowerDirector 9x64 Ultra. I chose this program as it's one of the highest rated video editing programs on the web.

The 4 videos that I have made thus far are largely of an experimental/abstract genre that are given direction by music I have chosen for each of the videos. The videos I have made are not composed of footage that I caught myself; I do not yet own a camcorder, although I plan to purchase one very soon. All of the footage I have as the composition for my videos are sourced from video sharing sites such as youtube & google video. After gathering the materiel I find relevant to my theme, I assemble individual clips in a way that matches the timing of the song in question. Additionally I apply a multitude of effects and alter the color & lighting to these clips.

If any of you are interested in checking out my work, feel free to visit my youtube page @ ViolentReaper's Channel - YouTube
I soon plan to have a blog which will feature my videos among other things like pictures I take & articles.

I have here a URL for one of my videos which has received the most views so far: Radiohead - Bloom - YouTube

Feedback/Thoughts/Questions are more than welcomed.