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Thread: Question about codecs and rendering

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    Default Question about codecs and rendering

    Hey people!

    I got some serious issue I would need to fix fast in order to bring my video editing projects to end.

    Since I am using Video Vegas (latest 10.0 edition) I did render my projects in WMV format.
    Most of my projects would turn up like 600mb and it would be fine.
    But suddenly my Video Vegas started to have SERIOUS problems with this codec in general (Video Vegas crashing because of certain WMV dll files and etc.)

    So I started to use Sony MP4 format (Sony AVC/MVC Internet 1280x720-25p) which has great proportional quality like I had with WMV format but file sizes
    are mostly 1,6GB and higher. I can't accept this as upload to YouTube and other services last for about a day (not greatest upload where I live =( ) and when my connection breaks you can imagine how frustrated I am when I need to reupload.

    My question is: what codec can you recommend (for YouTube and that it's high definition)
    to use and that I get similar file sizes like in case of WMV.

    I looked into "Encoding For Youtube with Vegas" thread on this forum but didn't find concrete answer for my

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    I understand how frustrating it is when YouTube crashes an upload. It happens to me often.

    You didn't find a concrete answer to your problem because there isn't one. There are many flavours of codecs and each one is different but can be similar, that makes no sence does it.

    What I'm trying to say is find your own happy medium with quality and file size.

    What you need to do is experiment with a small section of video (loop region) keep reducing the bit rate and quality rendering until you get the file size you are happy with and image quality you want.

    You might also consider getting the wmv dll issue fixed by reinstalling.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks on response!

    Well, yes I know there is just not concrete all depends on how much I want to sacrafice in order to make it smaller.

    I understood loop - experiment with quality and bitrate thing... I will do that. But is there any Video Vegas codec that I should try out as well (like not this Sony AVC/MVC Internet 1280x720-25p), like recommendation?

    About WMV... is there way just to reinstall that specific codec or?

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    You could try removing then re-installing WMP but I'm just guessing. I use HDV .mts for upload to YouTube but .mp4 seems a good compromise.

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    Thanks, will try to do something about it.

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