Which to buy???

I was looking at the SONY entry levelHDR-CX160 for $500.00. YES, I said entry level, but according to CNETS' reviews, and others, they seem to Slam the quality of the HD video as only being Subpar. This was the price range I was thinking, but maybe I should re-think spending a little bit more, but not $800.00, or even $1000.00 or more. I do use the pinnacle Studio 14HD, but so far only for analog capture. Now I want to do HD Video. I was at Best buy and the salesman told me that Studio and a few other Video-Editing titles have some issues with using STUDIO for capturing. Just wanted to know here, if any one had those problems with their brand of Camcorders.

Yes, although it would be fantastic to be able to afford an HD $27,500.00 Camcorder, my budget, until I win that lottery, is sadly enough, between $500 and $700.00 dollars. If there is even a camera out there with good enough quality based on this price. I do not want a HDD camera that could possibly crash, only Flash cameras with some built in Flash memory, but also to be able to add more flash card(s) I do not need a projector camcorder. Just something with more than your basic subpar HD quality camcorder.

I know this is personal preference. Sony, Panasonic, JVC, or Canon? CMOS, AVCHD, 60p/24p, etc. Any of you have had problems with using certain brands of cameras with Studio 14HD? Thank you very much!