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Thread: Where can I learn to edit please?

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    Default Where can I learn to edit please?

    I have bought a Sony digital camcorder and would like to learn to edit the holiday video to be done in June this year rather than just having a hotchpotch of video to show. Does anyone know where I can go on a short course or is their anyone who can teach my partner and I (for remuneration of course)?



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    Hi Leo, welcome

    You could read these forums and then choose some software such as Premier Elements, or Pinnacle Studio, which are pitched at the beginner market, and learn as you go using the manual, online help and this forum.

    Or you could find a local club, most of which have members only to happy to show newcomers to their hobby what to do, and for free. Find one here

    Or both

    If your holiday is in June, and you already have the camcorder, I suggest you go out and film a few things, because you'll learn a lot about framing a picture, not panning too much, not zooming too much etc, just by looking at your first efforts, and you want good footage from your holiday, not to come back and say 'I wish I knew then what I've learnt now'. Read this guide for a start.


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    Default Wahaay

    Thanks for the great tips - will find a local club and get some videoing done too. Have got a bulletcam too - so will do some filming from the motorcycle. Cheers again.

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