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    Default Track motion problems

    I'm working on the video I got from Combat Arms, I want to edit the video so that it looks like the game has a certain feature. I'm using it to illustrate a suggestion I'm making. Anyways:

    I'm trying to add a red reticle and I use track motion to keep the reticle on a certain part of the game's map while I turn.

    The problem is that track motion isn't moving the reticle. This is a really dumb, quick question.

    Here's a video to illustrate:

    Having trouble with track motion - YouTube

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    You may have fixed this by now but the problem is your keyframes in the track motion window are on the wrong line. They should be on the "Position" line - you've got hem on the "2D Shadow" line - so you're only moving the shadow (which you don't have enabled anyway)


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    Good spot, up_north!

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    Thanks so much! I was getting worried that no one knew what happened lol. I fixed it by doing something totally random which I won't go into, but it's still nice to know.

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