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Thread: Ideal PC for editing 1080-50P

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    Default Ideal PC for editing 1080-50P

    Hi guys, this is my first post so big apologies if this is a common question, but I've been scouring the web and can't get a decent answer.
    I've just got a Sony digital camera (HX-9V) and need a PC good enough to edit the videos from it. I'm used to a really old copy of Adobe Premiere Pro on a 7yr old PC which just about copes with DVD quality video. Having gone through the software options, I've decided Vegas Studio HD 11 would be my best bet, and am now ready to buy that and a PC.

    I'm looking at something like this - Acer Aspire M3970 Desktop - Desktops | - an Acer desktop with an i5-2300 2.8ghz, 8gb of RAM, which I'd install Windows 7 Pro on to. The question is, would the on-board graphics on that be good enough (I can't get any specs on that) or should I maybe go for something slightly cheaper like an i3 with 4 or 6gb RAM and buy a decent graphics card for it?
    Realistically, would I be OK with those or should I spend a bit more and go for an i7? How important is the graphics card compared to the processor speed?

    Thanks for your help, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into Vegas as I'm massively impressed with the video quality of the camera so far.

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    Definitely stick with the i5. The graphics card has been irrelevant in Vegas up until the last version where it made use of CUDA but only when rendering using the Sony AVC template. With the current version this has increased and more use is being made of the GPU, but it is too early to say yet what the effect is.

    You can always add a graphics card later (and don't expect significant improvements) but if you go for an i3 now, you'll be stuck with that processor.

    The i5 should be fine, though an i7 will always be better for any CPU intensive stuff like video editing (especially when it can be multi-threaded)

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    Thanks Tim, I'd love an i7 but I just can't justify stretching to that. How important would you say having separate hard drives for the OS and the video files was in comparison to a faster processor? Obviously I could easily add a second hard drive at a later stage, but I'm just trying to prioritise purchases on a tight budget.

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