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Thread: Odd problem during DVD encoding

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    Default Odd problem during DVD encoding

    anyone who has experience in this i could use your input.. I edit in uncompressed avi format and save all my master files in the same uncompressed format. the video footage in question is Interlaced (bottom field) and plays back very well directly off my computer , using windows media player or real player etc.. However when I burn the project to DVD..I get Mild ghost immages when the camera moves..Its not severe but noticeable and annoying far as I can see all my output settings are correct ..i have the master set as interlaced, the proper aspect ratio etc seem to be all set correctly ..Im flustered and dont understand where the ghosting is coming from and why its only visible whenb i encode it to DVD..
    Other info ..I edit with Piccacle HD pro ...and do some effects using After effects CS5..I have tried burning the DVD using NERO and another burning suite from MAGIX and get the same ghosting when the camersa moves which is not visible on computer playback..also I have used the same footage in the past and dont rememberthe rpoblem

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    This is usually a field order issue but as you already know it should be lower field first for SD footage. Is the DVD burning software set correctly ?

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