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Thread: São Domingos [HDR timelapse]

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    Default São Domingos [HDR timelapse]

    Hi everyone!

    Quite a strange experience... 12 scenes shot in one day, everything graded and edited on another...

    This would be my first real work with HDR timelapse... And I'm quite proud of it.

    Footage is from an old abandoned mine site located in São Domingos, Alentejo, Portugal. The place is unique.

    Here's the 1080p version, it surely deserves to be watched at that resolution:
    São Domingos HDR Timelapse FullHD

    Everything done with a 18-55 kit lens on a Canon 550d.
    Motion is from a pocketslider dolly.
    HDR processing was achieved with photomatix from single JPG exposures.
    Final editing with Sony Vegas.

    OK, I'm just waiting here for the opinions...

    If you've liked watching it, please share it! I'll surely appreciate it.

    Cheers from Portugal!

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    Fantastic images. Great work.

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