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Thread: If you need music for films, listen to my works

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    Cool If you need music for films, listen to my works

    I am composer for films, games, TV. If you need music for films, listen to my works. My soundtrack for film "Lord Of The Rings" -

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    Very nice track. I will put a link to your website HERE. at $1 a track it's good value. If you are interested in a non-commercial venture, I have made a video which you might like to score. This is a just for fun project not a paid commission. No obligation.

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    This video already with music. Or you will send me other video?

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    This video. Although I like the general sound scape in this video, I think a real music score would enhance it. If you feel like playing then have a go, if not that's fine.

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    I will make score to this video, if:
    1) You will delete score of your video
    2) You will write at the end, that I am composer.
    3) I will put it on my site, as example of my works (only for this point I agree to do it free. Actually, one minute of my music costs 100$.)
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    Yes, of course this is fine with me. I've sent you a PM with the link. When you have finished let me know where I can get the music file from and I'll do the final edit with sound FX.

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    I like it... with some proper sound effects and voiceovers would be great

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    I have scored this video ("The Flame").

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    Very nice, a bt too 'epic' for anything I would like to do tbh. Plus is $100 a minute really the going rate to score an amateur movie?

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