this is my first posting here so please be patient.
I have a Happauge pvr-350 card and I'm trying to capture tapes from analog camcorder to convert to DVD. I would like to edit using windows movie maker because of the way it divides the video file into smaller clips automatically in which I can view these smaller clips and get rid of the ones I don't want. I'm running into problems with the formats. This is where my problem is I'm not sure I understand the difference between MPEG, AVI,WMV,MOV in terms of what works with my setup. In other words when I capture a video it says it is mpeg file but I can't get it to open with video maker. Can someone who is using a pvr-350 with WMV lead me in the right direction?. I tried IUVCR but couldn't get it to work..do I need to convert formats or need some software ?. Any help is appreciated.