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    hey guys heres the situation i record videos with a screen recorder called bsr recorder,,, its similar to hypercam, now i record always the same video of some security camera footage, and always records me 5 hours aproximately at a file size of always 1gb and 90 mb ; after this size the recorder will automatically make a new file for the next 1gb and 90 mb witch is aproximately always about 5 hours recording time; now i recorded the same footage but this time from a diferent computer using same program (bsr recorder) than after some time ( 7 hours 34 minutes) i stoped recording and the folder where all the saved footage goes automatically from the bsr recorder avi files, i put to a usb stick than put it into my pc at home to review and Bammm i have a avi file of 7 hours 34 minutes at a size of 183 MB ; how is it possible that a avi file of seven hours in lenght witch should be yest over 2 gb is now only 183 mb? please some pro help needed thanks ;

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    An AVI is only a wrapper or envelope. It does not determine or tell us what's inside it. It is what and how the media was COmpressed, for ease/size of transfer, and how then it should be DECompressed (CODEC), for viewing, that will determine the internal difference of one AVI to another AVI. It would appear you've got two processes or CODECS going on that possibly use two different CODECs. One producing a very small AVI file size and the other a large AVI file size.

    To experience the differences between one of your AVIs and another, do download the free media file analyser GSpot. I've used it for many years now to determine just what CODEC had been used and consequently tell me if I have the correct CODEC installed. Then I can make a decision if I want/need to download additional CODECs. A word of warning! Playing with additional CODECs can lead to CODEC wars going on where one CODEC attempts to muscle in on the activity of another. Not good and awfully difficult to untangle. As I need to have my PC running sweetly to earn income from client-contracts, I play extremely safely with CODECs. In fact I've only knowingly added 2 additional AVI compliant CODECs: LAGARITH and the versatile DivX. The former allows for relatively small AVIs, while still protecting the ALPHA (here read transparency channel), and the latter, producing high quality output while being astoundingly small!

    The question you've raised is probably at the core of most issues coming to these and other Forums. Even having a small understanding (thats me!) of what is going on helps one sanity over these matters and keep you editing in a less stressed way.
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    As an additional note here, this being a Vegas forum, all Vegas versions make a pretty good fist at employing the correct CODECs, at the correct time, and prides itself in getting the job done when it comes to understanding, manipulating and finally encoding "mixed" file formats ( here read AVI, Mov, MPEG, MXF etc) appearing on the Timeline.

    I shoot in both PAL SD (becoming AVI) and PAL HD 1080i (MXF) on the timeline and edited without hitches. I then tell Vegas to make a scratch DVD (MPG2 and AC3) formatted and burnt disc. And Vegas just does it. Now, it couldn't do this if Vegas didn't have all my CODECs in a line and controlled. It would be a total mess. But Vegas does it. I don't know how, but as it does it, I try and keep that process running as sweet as possible.

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    thankyou very much for your intel, i understand it a little beter regarding codecs and avi's , i think i know what hapenned , when i normally put the saved avi files to a usb stick i do it individualy (drag and drop) but this time for the firt time i right click on the hole containing folder and pressed (send to usb ) i think this action made the program automatically change the codecs so that my huge files would be smaller in size, i must say that the quality was very good i couldent tell the difference and i never knew that there would be such a codec that would make a 7 hour long recorded video footage so small in size (183mb) and such good quality , i will download your link and analize the codec that the avi file has and report back on my new discovery ( at least for me) thanks ,

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    Default avi analized;

    ok so i analized both a big 1 ,90 gb avi (5 hours) and a the small 183 mb (7 ,38 hours) the avi file with gspot and aparantly the big file has no codec installed and says "cram" in the codec information box, the much smaller file however says codecs installed; xvid , XviD ISO MPEG-4 ; this is the reason i think
    the file can be so long in duration 7 half hours and be only 183 mb in size ; so i think that for very long duration videos with good quality and keeping Crazy small sizes saving footage with the xvid , XviD ISO MPEG-4 - codec in or as a avi file will keep the size incredably small , do correct me anyone if im wrong but this is what my analisys has shown;

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