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Thread: Performance Audi Dyno Day Video - petrol heads only!

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    Default Performance Audi Dyno Day Video - petrol heads only!

    Shot with a Panasonic TZ20 compact camera and a monopod. I wasn't the offical video man on the day so had to work outside of the official film crew who you get a few glimpses of. Put together in a under 4 hours in PowerDirector 9. The first video I have ever shot and produced.

    I know about the typo in the credits, too late to do much about that now (which i am sure I double checked).

    I hope you like.


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    For a first attempt, well done!

    I've only watched to 3:39 when I realized "oh my word, it's 30 minutes" so I cannot comment on the rest of the video

    My initial feedback:

    -You do some zooms and pans, Maybe when your cutting you could cut to when you do the move, rather than CUT - Delay whilst the camera is still, then move but just a suggestion!
    - For the intro, It might be nice to see car wheels running on a wheel track and then over-lay your titles on top of it, just to make it a bit more visually engaging.
    - If that's royalty free music, well done! Most people do not give the music a second thought and they wonder why you-tube suddenly deletes their sound track.
    - I know your trying to work whilst the camera crew is there, but get in close! let's see some tires spinning, you could plant yourself to the side of the car and use your zoom so we can see those wheels go like crazy! We petrol heads like that.

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