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Thread: How restrictive is MTS Sony HD extension?

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    Default How restrictive is MTS Sony HD extension?

    I bought a new HD Sony camera which is great - but when I import the video it has an MTS file extension.

    Can this be changed natively or is it better to edit first in Sony Vegas 10, and then when it comes to rendering - render in a more common format like MP4 etc?


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    I'd assume the Sony product could handle footage from a Sony camera automatically but that might be incorrect. Have you tried simply adding the footage into Vegas? Does that work for you? If so start editing!

    If the file will go into the editor, when it leaves the editor you can choose to make it into ANYTHING you want it to be ( well, almost )

    So, I edit a load of footage as raw from DV, I then spit it out as a nice large dvd master, or I can choose to spit out a .flv file for web or I can choose to fire out a compressed .wmv for something else.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    While I agree with the rest of your post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    I'd assume the Sony product could handle footage from a Sony camera automatically but that might be incorrect.
    I wouldn't assume that at all, Bpotter! Sony Creative Software and Sony the camcorder manufacturers share a name and a holding company but that sems to be all. To illustrate this, in recent years we have had the following:

    When AVCHD was first becoming commonplace in consumer cameras, Vegas could handle the Panasonic flavour of AVCHD bit not the Sony flavour!

    Sony laptops were being sold with/demonstrated with a rival NLE (can't remember which)!

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    Ah, I stand corrected! But I can just imagine users buying

    Sony cam - Sony Vaio Laptop - Sony Vegas and people find incompatibility with their "sony" products.
    I wonder if that extends across them as a company?
    Sony TVs - Sony Speakers - Sony electronic gadgets, all made by differnet mini companies.

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    Is the Studio v10 good for Sony cameras with movie output?
    Mine is a NEX5 and when it's good it look fine, but I'm wondering if something (codec?) is worthy of being upgraded without (say) upgrading the the next version? Is it possible to use another Codec, for example?

    IMHO Sony doesn't appear to value recent purchasers, as I'd have thought an inexpensive upgrade path would be far better that letting me move to a rival Edit suite.

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    Just a note to add to Tim's post. Sony have addressed this by now covering the Sony Camera products but not my Panasonic (.mxf files) I have to buy a special plug in to allow Vegas to edit my files. From what I've seen of Sony Vegas they do seem to constantly work to improve the program but it's only one product out of many NLE's.

    We all have different needs and priorities so choosing the NLE that suites these is the way to look at it rather than blaming one NLE because it won't do everything the way we want it to. It's great that a lot of companies allow us to try before we buy which helps us to pick the right NLE for our specific needs.

    Going back to lister's origional post I consider .mts files as the HD vesion of mpg files. They are common and I usually render to this format in Vegas to play the files on my computer and up load to YouTube. I have found it a better codec for my set up but a lot of people like .mp4 because it gives a smaller file size.

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