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    Default Rendering problem

    I'm using Vegas Pro 9.0. Today, I created a project that took me hours to do. However, I ran into a roadblock when trying to render.

    Originally I thought I was using files that Vegas simply didn't like to render, which may or may not still be the case. I'm able to render each video file (there are multiple) on its own. The videos play just fine in the editing window and can be edited just fine.

    The problem is when I try to render them all together, most of them with the Track Motion function to sort of 'split' the screen between the multiple videos. The rendering process will hang at 0%, while the 'rendering time' and 'time to complete' continue to go up. The video render preview also does not move from the first frame.

    This causes Vegas to error. When I click Cancel, it does not actually cancel the render, it just stays on "Render canceled by user." I then have to use the task manager to kill the process.

    I really don't want to have to re-do all that work, and I'm really running out of ideas, which included re-converting the files to different file types and replacing them in the project, downloading ffdshow, moving the files to new video tracks and deleting specific videos to try to narrow down the problem. Is there perhaps some video decoder I have to download for Vegas?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sounds like your asking the machine to do an epic amount of work that it is not built to handle and it is naturally dying under the work-load, There is no "decoder" that you need to add into Vegas as this kind of editor will work for you out of the box unless you are using alien file formats inside it.

    Would you mind uploading the vegas project file so I can look at your project settings?
    And could you tell us what video formats your using and at what resolution?
    System spec would be useful too!

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    Err, well I found out the problem and I was wondering if you'd be able to explain this to me because it's ridiculous.

    The problem wasn't the wrong filetype, the number of video clips I had, the Track Motion function, how I edited the clips, my system specs or even having the wrong codec.

    The problem WAS when I lowered any of the clips volume bars to "-Inf." it errored and would not save. This was remedied by either increasing the volume to anything higher than "-Inf." or setting the volume properties to "Mute."

    I tried everything I could possibly think of to fix this and I was honestly about to give up, when, by process of elimination, I said "maybe it doesn't like being on mute" and voila, the rendering process began.

    So why is this simple problem a huge mystery and hindrance? Thanks again for trying to help. It wasn't that my computer isn't 'good' enough to handle the task, the rendering process 'seemed' to be going, but it simply wasn't rendering. The same thing was happening no matter how long or short the clip was, just as long as the volume was set to "-Inf."

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    *sigh* What a ridiculous bug but I'm glad you found out what it was!

    In your export options, you can set it so the audio does not export or render, which might be a way of getting around the problem!

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    That's not acceptable. Please notify SONY. It will help others.


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