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Thread: Red dot on film = ?

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    Default Red dot on film = ?

    I have a crappy JVC Everio camera, but now it's a shitty one cos it's got a red dot on the images it produces.

    I don't really care, but would like to know what causes this?

    If I put it on manual setting for light it doesn't appear, but then filming in anything other than daylight = black!

    It is only when the auto light control is on, and only if it gets dark enough for it to kick-in.

    I thought it was a simple dead pixel, but it's obviously something else. I swear it moves, but surely it is stationary?

    Here's an example, the dot appears top centre, (mostly on the chair).

    Whilst you're there, say hello to our pet bandicoot that comes every night to raid our rubbish

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    Hardware fault with the camera it seems, Maybe the iris introduces it as it opens up to let more light in...I really can't say.

    I'm guessing the product is out of warranty by now?

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    I don't know if it's possible but it could just be a spec of dust on the sensor but like Bpotter908 I'm just guessing.

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    If the camera is out of warranty and only If your brave and adventurous, you could try buying some compressed air form a can, opening up the camera, and giving it a good blow out. But I would only suggest that if your comfortable with taking things apart and putting them back together again so they work. Give me a hammer I can take anything to bits, it's the putting back together again that often eludes me.

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    Lol tx guys, had the cam 3 years so no warranty.

    The red dot glows brighter the darker the room is. If you turn light to manual it goes away until you enter dim room, then the whole view goes black!

    I'm hoping to buy a replacement soon, this was only a toy to see how I went with filming, but that red dot has cost me a lot of good shots!

    Right now I have my eye on a Panasonic HDC-TM700 for about $900 - I'll be asking advice about this when I get closer to ordering, but any heads-up now is appreciated

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