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    I have been looking into buying this software so I can do live streaming green screen. I have been reading several threads about it and I hear that it has been bought by adobe and you can't get it anymore? Anyone know anything about this? The only site I've found to buy it looks a little sketchy. You go on amazon software and its unavailable.

    So what is the best replacement software for this? Or does it come with one of the Adobe video editing programs?

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    I suspect the functionalities of 'SM Ultra 2' will be part of Adobe's "Visual Communicator". Adobe - Visual Communicator 3

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    The Ultra Key effect is now in Premiere Pro, but it won't perform a live chroma key. You may want to look into VeeScope Live. Here's the URL: Product - Veescope Live: Chroma Key, Green Screen, Blue Screen, Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor,RGB Parade,Softlyght Keyer,Edges

    I receive no compensation from the makers of VeeScope Live.

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