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    Default Murderers Gardeners World

    This is not actually done by me in anyway but instead a friend of mine Liam Bauckham. It is however extremely funny so thought I would share.

    Humour involving people being murdered but very light hearted in my opinion.

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    This sort of humour is generally right up my street, right up until the eye socket gag, which for me was just too far. I'm not easily offended and it didn't offend me. It was just more of 'did they really have to go there' and disappointed as such a low-brow gag brought down the overall likeability of the video.
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    Yeah I must admit I do agree that bit is definitely a bit much and wasn't needed.

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    i found it amusing.... nicely shot too. let down by the audio ... audio was clear enough but the levels were a bit up and down.

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    I'd agree with enc, it was a great concept, though it fell away early on with not enough visual, (was the prostitute scene cut?). But the eye socket gag certainly made up for it

    Where's part 2?
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    Very nicely presented/acted.
    Different levels/tone of sound really noticable. I'm guessing this was done with a shotgun mic mounted on camera and the differences were to do with the difference in proximity. Am I right?
    Yes, the eye socket gag was too low brow for the rest of the skit.
    It captured the style of such shows really well, though i maybe could have benefitted from a bit of reflected light on the presenter.

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