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Thread: Free Alive People! (comedy)

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    Default Free Alive People! (comedy)

    A new video (although based on an old one), let's call it a sequel!

    Open to feedback as always.
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    I thought the sound was a bit too roomy. It didn't sound as good as usual. A few good one liners like "satisfaction is a word I just said".

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    Certainly woke me up

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    Other than the sound issue that Midnight brought up I enjoyed it!
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    The sound was recorded on a rode ntg-2 mic set approx 2 meters away, maybe it was a bit too far. I can see what you mean about the audio now, I shifted the furniture out of that room so all that was left was walls and cupboards each side, that probably attributed to the echoey sound. I have no idea why I didn't use the radio mic, I'll think more about sound next time around.
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    parts of it well done, parts careless

    well done parts were the speeches and supers.

    things like the upside-down shot were good, placed well, timed well, did not bore.

    The set, on the other hand, was sloppy.
    It needn't have been expensive, but should have been neater.
    The cupboard next the demo alive person could have been easily excluded by camera work.

    Two problems could be solved at once here by bringing the camera in or zooming in so the speaker filled more of the screen and the edges of the curtain were off-screen.
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    Delivery good
    Sound - already mentioned
    Look - poor. The background did nothing for the film and I really didn't like the shadows on the curtains.
    Concept: an ad which says nothing - pretty good (though not as good as the film to which his is a successor) but in my mind not realised that well.
    One or two cracking lines (such as the aforementioned "satisfaction line") and I liked the visual gag where you look left fro the camera.

    Just didn't quite press all the right buttons for me, I'm afraid.

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    Thanks Tim, and everyone else who have made comments. Regarding the set I know I was struggling. I didn't want to see the regular house furniture (which I've used many times in a lot of my videos) as it was an advert style so I wanted a more plain backdrop. But yes I think it just turned out to be too plain and the dullness detracted a bit.

    I'm sorry Tim this one didn't quite work for you, I'll try harder next time
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