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    Default My new very short film

    I recently purchased a canon 550d mainly for the movie shooting capabilies rather than the photography side of it. I havent had the chance to test it out much apart from messing about in the house and garden. Today we went up to Northumberland and I shot a bit of footage purely to try it out. Had an hour in Windows Movie maker to edit it and hey presto .Altho I had the tripod with me I didnt bother using it as a wanted that handheld look to it. I know its not great but see what you think chaps.
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    I love the way Lewis is totally unfazed about having a camera pointed at him. Interesting choice of music. As you may remember, I like experimenting with sound scapes and music to give a different feel to a piece. I think it's very much undervalued in a lot of piece I see on here.

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    That was alright, I liked how you got closer to Lewis each time - it suited the sinister music. At 1.00m there was a big dramatic sound, and at 1.03m you cut close to Lewis at the water; I would have liked these two moments to sync up, maximum scary!

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    As a test for a new camera it works, especially with the music. For me though I always wanted to see the boy in focus, or at least a couple of pulls from the leaves to the boy, the first shot where we see him in particular.
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    Thanks for the replies, it wasnt intended at all to be a movie really. Just a test. My little lad will be appearing in some more if I can persuade him not to look into the camera again. Have a couple more planned soon. Very impressed with the camera so far. Just need to look into sound and some decent lenses in the future.

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    perfect example of how music can set the mood.

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