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Thread: need help with a video camera

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    Default need help with a video camera

    new to all this, and looking to purchase a video camera.
    i dont know alot about cameras as such, so thats where im hoping you guys can help me find one!
    Budget anywhere between 100-200.
    want its to film in HD, take good still shots, must have the flip out screen that can come out the side, (not an all in one camera with the screen at the back)
    good optical/digital zoom. also easy enough to edit onto a computer and perhaps stick on the net.
    i dont know what else your ment to look for when buying one, i didnt want to just purchase any old thing for the sake of it so thought id come to a forum and ask for some help or be pointed into the right direction.
    (Oh and would like one that will fit on a tripod)

    many thanks.

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    I've moved your post here as it is clearly about camera hardware and not a video submitted for user comments.
    I have also deleted your duplicate post from the "Software" section as it is clearly nothing to do with software.

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    Best advice is to read through the reviews - plenty available on Google.

    For up to 200 try the Auction Sites to get options on better features secondhand (being careful of course).
    Think about your priorities and for what you want to use it and then match to the reviews.

    Many people buy a camcorder and use it once so there are plenty available with light use.

    Good luck.

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    Check out the reviews, you want something with a good sensor and a good mic. Your budget means you'll be going for something at the lower consumer end, but that doesn't mean it can't be a good camera.

    As far as editing is concerned, the files will probably only be useful for Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, if you can up your budget to about 5-600 as the consumer cams start getting quite good around then or see if you can pick up a camera that was originally around that price on ebay. Good luck.

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