Hello everyone. I am new here. I'm a rookie to video editing. I have about 200 video tapes and I want to digitize them and make them into DVD and divx if at all possible, however I have found that only about 10% or less of my tapes are capturable on the ATI.
If a video is in EP or if its not a first generation video, you get tons of video noise, distortion, roll and often just indeterminable multicolor gibberish. These work fine when the vcr is plugged into the tv, but look terrible on the computer.

I understand this has something to do with the sync of the frames (maybe) being out of whack and if you dont have a good tape with a full signal the ATI cant read it.

Is there anything I can do, any kind of signal adaptor I can buy, or any kind of software program that will clean up the signal and make it so I can back up video's that arent first generation copies or were recorded on a 2 head vcr, or in EP?

Any help much appreciated.