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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 14 HD>AVI Files from Canon G6 can not be Imported into STUDIO

  1. Question Pinnacle Studio 14 HD>AVI Files from Canon G6 can not be Imported into STUDIO

    Ok, Hello!

    I can import analog video ( VHS-C. VCR) into Pinnacle 14 HD til the cows come home with little or no problem.
    What I'm trying to do, is 'IMPORT' video files which are Video clips and saved through my Canon G6 Digital camera as .AVI files. ( lo-res and hi-res) When I open IMPORT in studio, then OTHER DEVICES, then go to my folder on my HDD that has these newest video clips from today's nephew's soccer game, I try to highlight one clip, then CAPTURE, but nothing happens. Only once it allowed me to import a video clip into Studio, but not anymore, regardless of me shutting down the computer and restarting again. if you can tell me Studio 14 HD does not support AVI files, then why can I save make movie files as AVI files?
    I tried these hook up configurations..
    (1) Canon G6 plugged into the USB Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100, (audio/video cables) and tried to import the video clip that way. and then......
    (2) I tried CF camera memory card into a USB card reader and tried importing that way.
    (3) And finally, I used a USB directly from Canon Camera to Computer and tried to capture that way.

    Nothing seemed to work. There's got to be an easier way to be able to import AVI files from camera to STUDIO.

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    I went into the HELP files in STUDIO, and clicked on "AVI FIES" This is what I saw..

    QUOTE "Although the AVI file type for digital video is itself widely supported, the actual coding and decoding of video and audio data in an AVI file is performed by separate codec software.
    Studio supplies a DV and an MJPEG codec. If you wish to output your movie as an AVI in some other format, you can use any DirectShow-compatible codec installed on your PC, as long as that codec is also installed on the PC that will play your movie."' END QUOTE

    ****I don't want to OUTPUT my movie into a AVI file, (as the above underlined states) I want to take my existing AVI Video clip (FROM MY DIGITAL CAMERA) and bring it into STUDIO14 HD, to be able to edit, and burn to a DVD, Best Output, or save as an MPEG File. Does this still mean I have to go get another codec encoding software to accomplish this? Seriously? I thought this Pinnacle Studio 14 HD had everything I needed.

    Thank you.

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    I have Pinnacle Studio 15 now. I have submitted my 1st problem to this site as am getting nowhere with pinnacle. One reason I went for the full PS15 ultimate collection is wrongly I assumed P15 would include all the known codecs concerned with AVI files. Wrong you get exactly the same in P15 THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. So don't buy P15. I know this is a bit late and limited advice but only just joined the forum. I have CCTV converted to AVI files- these files are long and want to shorten them to the applicable time frames I need. I can import them into P15 and indeed they play. But that is all I can do. When they are put into the the time line-They go black/or the blue question mark. Once or twice they tried to play in viewer but were totally blocky/striped. Threfore useless. Am very dissapointed with P15- I can not even transfer old content despite having the content discs I mistakingly threw away my old PS10. PS11 discs thinking surely they are now obsolete with P15 Ultimate collection full version . Wrong you have to have P10 or 11 installed first taking up HD space. How stupid is that. To offer some info to your question after much palaver got a message from Pinnacle I also need more codecs with PS15. Great they do not say where exactly where I obtain these codecs. They have suggested I send one AVI file in to them to examine but must be less than 5MB ?. They miss the point these files are large I have no way to cut them down. This is exactly why I want to put them on the time line to splice, then burn to DVD. I also have a strange problem with P15 over P14 See my entry as P15 uses a so called Mpeg ES conversion.I can not import any AVI file,DV/or HDV.
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