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    Default Playing It Safe - Short Film

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share one of our latest projects we did titled, " Playing it Safe ".

    It's a short film about letting fear take over the things you love to do.

    We shot it in a few days and had no budget as usual. Thanks for taking the time to check this out!


    NOTE: Viewer discretion is advised.

    Our next project is our feature film LIGHT OF EDEN. Keep your eyes out for that!

    Our main channel - fcrabbath's Channel - YouTube
    Join our facebook page! - F.C.Rabbath | Facebook

    For more questions on the film, please visit our FAQs section on the main youtube channel.


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    Hi Fred,
    I've just got a few thoughts that struck me as I was watching it, I assume that your company is planning to be a professional company and that your reason for posting here is to get some audience feedback, I'm going to try and tell you what I saw in the video from my point of view and I hope that what I say does not offend you, I say it purely to help you guys improve your art.

    The first thing I would say is, I think you could have used a much clearer warning about the content I am about to see, you say viewer discretion is advised but I think you need to be more clear in the warning, this video shows a very difficult and tramatic issue that people do go through and I think if someone is a victim they may find it upsetting to have it thrust in their face when they click onto a youtube video.

    You've got some very weird audio right at the start of the film that sounds like the editor on his keyboard typing away with a lot of ambient noise...was this meant to be artistic?

    I'm not sure if this video is a slow reflective piece or if it's trying to be a fast paced montage, in terms of the style of art it feels a bit muddled for my taste, There is a lot of time spent in the intro where you just see a girl dancing, It would be nice to tell a story here, as she leaves the flat, walks to the ballet class, gets ready, a wide shot with her starting to dance with the other girls and then close up on the "main star" I just feel like you are jumping through so much story and setup.

    Ok, Teacher is talking....LIP SYNCH! it's so far out it's almost comical ( 2:22 ) and the synch seems to be so far out it's ridiculous.

    On-board camera from mic I think, for the teacher at 2:40 surely he could have worn a subtle lapel mic which would have worked better?

    7:11 - 7:17 in my opinion you could cut and the audience would still get the message. People don't like looking at "nothing happening" for more than 3 seconds

    I liked the lift transition at 8:30, nice build of music, ect.

    10:02 to 10:05 I think the cam-op could have re-shot that, it was not as smooth as it could have been...

    10:33, I understand the girl was abused earlier on but is she now suffering from hallucinations? why is she suddenly seeing green arrows? Or is that meant to be artistic? We've seen no real "fx" in the movie and now suddenly we see un-natural arrows on screen, bit of a leap I feel.

    8:47 ok, he's talking and his speech is in synch that's good.

    9:38 there is not enough head-room for me in the shot, I think the important item here is the faces of the actors and not so much the green bag on the table, You've tried keeping what is "important" on the thirds through the rest of the film which is good but I think consistency is key with such an emotional video.


    All in all, I suspect you may already know these things and after reading your stats on the you-tube page I think you've done really well, To take a large group, make a story and package that into a video takes a lot of effort and I hope that you and everyone involved enjoyed making it, so long as you had fun making the video ultimately that is the most important thing. Yes you've got items to improve upon but this is not your full time job nor is it your business so I wish you the best of luck in your next video.

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    Thanks for watching man.

    Few things,
    we didn't use an onboard we used a boom and there was no lip syncing done and it plays fine on my end. Youtube has been sucking lately.

    With such a sensitive topic, it was an interesting challenge to try this film out but of course I understand if it didn't play out as expected but hey it's a good learning process.

    Again thanks for the detailed review.

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    Your welcome! It is a dangerous subject to try to communicate via video but I think it speaks to your credit for being bold enough to try it!

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    Here are some behind the scenes shots!

    More to come!

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    I just watched it like a punter would and thought it was great. One problem with looking for all the "technical issues" is you forget to just enjoy the story. So with these sorts of films I watch it like a punter but if something jumps out at me to much then it must be really bad. This film had nothing that jumped out at me except the special effect was a little over done. I thought the scene where Rachael goes into dancing in her head when being abused was very well done. I tried this idea in one of my movies but you did it much better then me.

    Great movie.

    You have a great team and a ton of experience making short movies. Please share this and help others by commenting on other peoples work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    [SIZE=2 One problem with looking for all the "technical issues" is you forget to just enjoy the story.
    Which is a curse of being a techie...I always spend so much time trying to "fix" what is broken I do over-look the story!

    Or maybe I'm just overly fussy

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    Which is a curse of being a techie
    I understand, I am also like that but try to remind myself from being over the top butt tight anal about things. I mostly am but not always.

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    If I was more ignorant of such things I wonder how my artistic side would be....then I do a reality check and realize it would be awful :P

    There is nothing better than when an Artist and a Techie manage to work together in unison. When it works, they compliment each other so nicely.

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    I think the best thing is to find the perfect balance

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