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Thread: Lamborghini Video - first attempt

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    Cool Lamborghini Video - first attempt

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    I found this hard to like, sorry.

    The white flashes annoyed me, maybe they were not quick enough? They could have been a play on the lime green of the car, or included a 'subliminal' logo of some sort to make them more interesting rather than glaring white?

    The first few dark internal shots gave me no info or feeling, and were just a continuation of the one take. You duplicated some takes, which made it seem 'lazy' and unimaginative for a very short film.

    It can't be easy making a stationary car look good, I kept wanting it to take off lol. This video could work if sped up, all my points above would be fixed - faster music and speed it all up?

    Edit addition: Oh and a topic for debate regarding technique... your spotlight was a sharp one going accross the car - that was fine, but I wonder would a blurred light be better as it would lead my eye up the car and have me wanting to 'reach in' for more? Does that make sense?
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    Quite nice but really shouldnt have been longer than 25 seconds using what shots you have. Also, like Stripe, I didnt like the white flashes. Check out some videos of real flash photography and try and mimic that. Its a lot quicker and not as flat. I liked Stripe's idea of a subliminal logo too.

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    I liked the idea of the moving light on the outside of the car but it didn't work in the engine shot. If you find you are repeating shots in the edit this means you either didn't shoot enough variety of shots or the video is too long. One way to make a stationary object more interesting is to have camera movement not just fancy bits in post work. The focus pull seemed to get in focus at the front of the car but the back of the car seemed to continue getting more blurred for a few frames.

    If this was made just to practice editing then that's fine and you did a good job but if it was for an other purpose I'm not sure what that could be.

    Some nice shots and for a first attempt you made an interesting video.

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    you should be stoked that you figured out the ins and outs and soundtrack of a redundant, cliche albiet effective visual demonstration of waiting badassery. however it is usually followed by an attacking explosion of demonstrative badassery. on a personal level i think you should sup it up, make it dynamic.
    definitely got a good lesson in a good technique. I look forward to seeing where your work goes

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    Quote Originally Posted by three1ne View Post
    Quite nice but really shouldnt have been longer than 25 seconds using what shots you have.
    I was thinking the exact same thing, I looked at the time at 0:25 and thought it needed to have got to 'the point' by now (maybe the final shot with the car fully lit and in shot).
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    I too feel it went on too long. I really liked a lot of the shots and in particularly the light running across the front of the car with the sound track. But it really does need to be cut down in my opinion.

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    It's all been said and it's all correct!

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