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Thread: Adobe CS4 VS CS5.5

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    Default Adobe CS4 VS CS5.5

    Hi Guys!
    I'm makeing little post for blog about Premiere cs5.5 and I'm compareing cs4 with cs5.5.
    Could you write some comments about new cs5.5.
    What you like better in cs5.5?
    About new options? Rendering time?

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    It's a lot better for HD editing, that's for sure. It's a 64 bit application, so you'll also need a 64 bit OS, like Windows 7 or OSX Snow Leopard. It uses all cores and RAM you can throw at it. With a qualified NVIDIA video card, you can accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine for real time effects. You'll have a smoother editing experience, render time is faster, the interface is the same and users are reporting it to be stable.
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    Default Cs5.5

    I have been using CS5.5 for windows for 30+ hours and it's much faster than CS5, apparently due to a better software integration for 64 bit. My real problem: is Premiere truly a broadcast quality editor? I am this close to getting a Mac and going with final cut! I have been using Premiere for 15 years and even beta tested with Adobe back in SF in the 90s. The recent videos I have made suffer from some glitching. I will look more closely at the encoding choices to see what can be done, if anything. Using Magic Bullet filters really bogs it down and causes crashes. Fixing audio in Audition versus Soundbooth (the pref in 5.5) offers a more pro tools kind of approach but lacks some of the presets that exist in soundbooth. More later

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    I think Apple have called themselves out of broadcasting world completely.

    I was considering Apple as my choice, read this to find out why I am now avoiding them

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