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Thread: help guys please i want my 1600x900 video to be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 but it won't

  1. Default help guys please i want my 1600x900 video to be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 but it won't

    please help me guys i'm toooooooooo desperate ryt now i've been searching many sites watching many videos but none helped i can't find any help this is my last hope.

    the problem is i record my screen with camtasia 7 by using XVID compressor at 30fps, i need to record full screen & my screen resolution is 1600x900 so the recorded video comes out as 1600x900 AVI file, but i need to upload this to youtube as hd i tried many ways to resize the video to 1280x720 & even 1920x1080 but both come out looking blurry, if i upload 1600x900 to youtube it gives me a crap in return by converting it to 1280x720, i tried to resize my video using after effects, encoder, premiere pro but nothing seem to work all those give me a blurry video, so please help me guys i need my video to stay crystal clear & i need it to go hd on youtube without any loss in quality it maybe 720p or 1080p does'nt matter.

    please tell me what compressor do i need to use in camtasia to record & what compressor to use to output the video, this issue is damn serious guys please help as soon as possible.

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    You're in the wrong forum - this is for Vegas, and MSP.

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