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Thread: Just Starting Editing Need Some Help....

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    Default Just Starting Editing Need Some Help....

    Okay I'm just developing an interest for this and I was hoping that someone could tell me where to start to start teaching myself this? Like what programs to use and what not? I want to get to the point where i can shoot and edit videos like this.....

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    If I may suggest:

    Perhaps give this guide a read, grab a camera and start filming? What you want to do with learning how to create the above video is learn how to play a piano, compose music and conduct an orchestra.

    You first, need to learn how to play the piano ( camera work ) then you can learn how to compose the music ( Editing ) then you can finally conduct an orchestra! ( Bringing it all together to create the above package )

    So, if your still willing to invest the time and the effort as if you would be learning how to play a musical instrument, I'm sure you'll find a lot of help from this community!

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    Thank you very much i wasnt expecting much help but your answers makes a ton of sense and it did help alot thank you

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