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Thread: Decision Time - Short Film by Zayd Depaor

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    Default Decision Time - Short Film by Zayd Depaor

    Hello. My fourth & latest short film, 'Decision Time' check it out on my blog Zayd Depaor Films: Decision Time - My Latest Short Movie let me know what you think, or you can watch it on Youtube. I've skipped the film festivals with this one, i filmed & edited this in half a day, its my longest short yet but was meant to be my shortest!

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    Well theres six and a half minutes of my life I wont get back.

    Half a day for this? Seriously? Did you edit it down from like 4 hours or something?

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    I can tell you love it.

    It was actually shot for the Depict film competition, I had planned to enter about 5 shorts, but kept delaying and just shot this at last second. Depict has 90 sec limit. As soon as I got into editor, I realised would be mission to squeeze into 90 secs and didn't fancy another hyper butchering. So I decided to forget the festival and just let the time go. But, that meant the scenes were not exactly as I wanted.

    Ideally I would have liked more scenes and shorten them all down as they drag a bit. Otherwise I'm quite pleased with it.

    But thanks for watching Jimbob.

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    I think this certainly could have made it into a 90 sec short. The 'decision' montage was ridiculously long. There needed to be more variety in those scenes, a lot lot more. And instead of the montage lasting 4ish minutes. It needed to be 45ish seconds. Also, it needs to be either played completely comedic or completely serious for the pay off to work. The music also didnt help. The the editing needed more flare.

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    " needs to be either played completely comedic or completely serious for the pay off to work..." I don't agree with that, one of the main issues is the ending.

    Yes could have been made into a 90sec short but with a very taxing edit in a narrow window which I had (if I was still intending to make the deadline) then some of the synchronization of the music with the scenes would have been lost.

    Yes agree...needed to be more variety and shorter scenes. But if there were more scenes, more variety like you said then I think the time would have been okay.

    Thanks for watching and your input.

    Maybe watch it again, you might like it more the second time
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