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Thread: So Many Projects ......

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    Default So Many Projects ......

    So little time .......

    I have six separate projects "in the can" two partly edited. Why cant i finish one project before starting the next i was the same when making music.... hundreds of 1 and 2 minute ditties never completed

    oh well, at this rate at least ill have something to edit over winter when its not so easy to get out and shoot !

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    I'm just the opposite I can't leave a project until it's all done and dusted. I can't start a new one until then.

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    The interesting one is when you need to wait on somebody to "ok" a paticular project before you can finish it off properly.

    I've got a few short 1-3 minute shorts that all need somebody to go "Yes this is the message I want" or "NO You fool! Not what I wanted at all, this is what I want"

    I always find half finished jobs frustrating!

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    wouldnt it be cool if there was an easy /quick method of getting our footage across the net so other forum members could have a dabble with it LOL !

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    It can either be "easy" or it can be "quick" but never both :P

    I could make a dropbox account and stick all my footage up there...but I'd have to compress everything down to .WMV level defeating the purpose of such an item.

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