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    So I guess most of us have 64bit capable machines and that Adobe do 64bit software. But does anybody know if or when there will be a Final Cut Suite that is 64bit.

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    The latest computers are 64 bit however you will not get the whole of the Final Cut Studio now. Only the Final Cut Pro x is 64bit GPU processing....and is not compatable with the older studio components/....quite a few FCP editors are nowe heading to use the Adobe software professionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFV View Post
    quite a few FCP editors are now heading to use the Adobe software professionally.
    And whilst I am not yet "professional" My budget and my current situation is allowing me to choose Mac/PC FCP or Adobe so I have a suite of tools and hardware that although not up to serious professional standards, at this stage I will be better suited to practicing more with the camera and learning how to "edit" in the camera before it even arrives at the suite. Whilst having the suite to fall back on if I botch it up ( Poor lighting, tweak of audio, Photoshop tools, ect. )

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    Edit in cameras?/ Professionals set up bars and tone , time code and then leaves enough "handles" on he shots for when the material has been ingested into the editor before the camera..If you are not pro the FCPX will do you fine.....

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    Yes, I edit in the camera Let me show you how:

    "Person walks on from stage left, Wide shot, Of stage + audience, Person is about to speak, Cut to camera 2 as a mid shot, bla bla person is talking away new presenter is about to walk on, cut to wide shot of stage from camera 4" ect.

    Most of my editing happens as I am filming, Record a bit of spoken word than think "what next, insert graphic of importance here?" Or if I know they fumbled a bit in that spoken word bit I did but I cannot re-shoot "Get a cut-away of something interesting"

    My brain is what handles the editing and the story telling, the camera is my import tool, the editing suite is not where most of the magic happens It's in the camera!

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