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Thread: Deleting old project files and archiving old projects

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    Default Deleting old project files and archiving old projects

    I have Vegas Movie Studio 10 running under Windows 7.

    When I have completed a project is there an "official" way of deleting all the old project files or do I need to do it manually in Windows Explorer? If the latter, are these the only folders that I need to consider?

    1) Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 Projects. I'm guessing from the names of files that I have stored there that I can simply delete everything if there is no ongoing project. In fact, if I just deleted the whole folder would Movie Studio rebuild it for me?

    2) DVD Architect Studio Projects/My Discs. Would this be the same as the above, that is delete everything.

    3) C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Sony\<Various sub-folders>. This seems more complicated. There are a number of large mpg files with recognisable names that I assume I could simply delete but there lots of other unidentifiable files in various folders. If there are no ongoing projects could I simply go for a root and branch clearout.

    With regard to archiving old projects my custom in the past with other editing software has been to save the source data and the project files on a DVD so that I could rebuild the project without too much hassle. I take it that the project files in Movie Studio are the vf ones. Am I missing any others?

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    If you mean cleaning up the pre-rendered video, you can do this with one click in Vegas. Click on the tools menu and select "Clean Up Prerendered Video". This should delete all the bigger mpg files.

    I suspect you have come across small files call .slf and/or .slk these files are used to speed up the opening of a project for example the .slk files holds the wave form information (the peaks) of your projects sound files. So if you have finished the project you can safely delete these files.

    Don't delete a file if it is called .veg infact make a back up of this file and keep it safe, this is the project file if you delete this you will have to start your project from scratch. Make sure you don't delete your raw footage or source files.

    Hope this helps.

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    Many thanks. I was hoping that there was a "one click" delete button hiding somewhere. And I now know to keep an eye open for these veg files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agrippa View Post
    And I now know to keep an eye open for these veg files.
    .veg files are from Vegas Pro. You won't come across those. You're assumption about .vf files being your project files is correct.

    This may be obvious to you so my apologies if this is eggs to sucking grandmothers:

    Saving the project files is useless unless you also save the source files (and keep the same names). Project files are effectively an Edit Description List (EDL) plus some other stuff (eg project properties, data about any generated media etc). In other words it contains information like "F:\My Videos\vid007.avi start at 10secs 3 frames, finish at 20 secs, 13 frames" and not the actual footage itself.

    I'm not sure about Movie Studio, but Vegas Pro has (had?) an option to save everything used to make up a project. This includes all the used source files. This is the option you need for archiving, if you ever think you might need to rebuild a project again.

    Alternatively, you will want to copy all the siurce which is actually used, in the same file sctructure onto your archive medium.

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