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    Hi everyone I just joined here today. Does a piece of sofware exist that allows you to slow a sample down, retain the pitch, and either remove the background noise that exists when a sound is slowed down, or filter the aspect of the sound that you want, whilst again retaining the quality?

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    There is... Audition from Adobe but it's a tad expensive.

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    Is it better than Goldwave then?

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    Oh, there's no comparison!

    (In my opinion)

    For a start, I find that the Goldwave screen is LOUD full of COLOURS and BUTTONS which you hardly ever USE.

    Audition is much more refined! It also does just about everything... I'm seriously impressed.

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    The filtering software is a lot better too? I find that in Goldwave if you slow a sound down and retain the pitch the quality deteroriates horribly!

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