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Thread: Didgeridoo - The Mitchell Walker Show (This guys show is incredible)

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    Default Didgeridoo - The Mitchell Walker Show (This guys show is incredible)

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I love didgeridoos and when they are played with such passion, it's great. I thought it was well shot and put together. Is there echo or reverb on the sound or is that a clean recording.

    Great video.

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    Default Re: Midnight Blue's comment

    I have been all over the world and have never heard this instrument played. I didn't know the history behind it either. In seaport Village this guy gets out there and plays regardless to whether there is a crowd or not. He just gets down. I just luckily stumbled onto this by luck and have since made it a point to get down there and listen to him play. This guys gathers crowds instantly and it's amazing how the entire atmosphere and vibe changes amongst the people when he starts playing.

    The sound was all live, and once again, with no real quality sound equipment on-hand. There is a bit of sound distortion at times, even off Camera just listening, but I believe that was before he changed some settings on the amplifier. Still though, my audio work could have come off much better if I had the right equipment. I was just aiming to do this guy some justice on this video.

    Thanks for the compliment on the Video Midnight, it was equally as entertaining to shoot! Infact, I'm headed over to Seaport Village in a few minutes to listen to another one of his shows!! Take care!

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    You are very modest person. I've looked up a couple of YouTube video of this guy none as good as this.

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    A perfect little film capturing the spirit of the moment. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Underground.Media.Kings View Post
    This guys gathers crowds instantly
    I was just about to give you credit for the early shots where you caught people drifting past with only fleeting glances, then later they stop and listen as a captive audience - too subtle?

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