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    Hi guys!
    I have made few videos and post them on the YouTube. My latest video is called Jet-man and I used After effects and Optical flares. Please have a look and give me some feedback on them
    My user name on YouTube is "slovakia74"

    Link to the video is below, thank you so much for your time

    The Jet-man.mp4 - YouTube

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    I thought you did that well. I liked the bush movement at around 0:45 secs. These touches help to sell the effect. Looked like to rough landing lol.

    Well done.

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    An amusing little story. Not very original, but well played.
    So much better than just a film demoing effects.
    I love dthe crash at teh end and the wind effect on the trees as you flew over them.

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    Thank you guys!
    It means lot to me. I didn't do anything serious yet, but one day I'm hoping for it.
    Thanks again for the replies.

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