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Thread: How can I get smoother Scrubbing?

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    Default How can I get smoother Scrubbing?

    hi, i was wondering how can i get smoother scrubbing when editing in an NLE, should i get a faster hard drive or faster memory? i know if i render preview files it seems to smooth it up a bit but is there any other way to optimize my system so that i can scrub smoother?

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    You've got some good gear, but yr post lacks INFO.
    What PC are you using, CPU speed, RAM, Graphics card memory and so on.

    Are you creating DVD's and watching them on a TV with ( what?) definition, etc...?

    BTW, why are you limiting the Z1 to SD? (just curious)

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    If you tell us your current system build + spec and how much money you would be willing to spend to improve it, that would help!

    Not just CPU, Ram, GPU details.
    PSU details.
    HDD details.
    Mother board.
    Details about the processor itself not just speed

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