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Thread: 16:9 Matte Box for JVC DV500

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    Hi all - Can some of you tell me, I'm looking to mask my DV500 which is only 4:3. I've never used a matte box and was wondering if this will fit:

    Anything I need to know about using the mask etc? Or, any other advice full stop, really!!

    Many thanks in advance!
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    You know what - I had a conversation with a much more experienced friend of mine then me and he said the same thing. All of my videos will have a small picture insert in them and the 4:3 of the DV500 will be ideal for that shot, so I'll use it for that. Some small irony that the biggest camera I have will be taking the smallest shot I'll ever make...!!

    Thanks for your input on this and thanks for the heads up on the matte box - I'll bear it in mind...!!



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    You could look into an "Anamorphic Lens", this would allow you to get the most from your sensors and massively reduce the image quality reduction when crop/scaling in post.


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    That would be grand..! I wouldn't know what to look for really and I should think - damned expensive, right?!

    I think I'll work the way I have in my mind - I have a two day project in October that will teach me a thing or two about the rig I've built up... I hope! I need to have a think about lighting etc now on top of it all so I think I'll stick to using it at 4:3 for now and use it for the insert shot for the time being...!!

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