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Thread: A Newbie's question about editing in Stereo - should be easy, I know...

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    Default A Newbie's question about editing in Stereo - should be easy, I know...

    I have a video project that I edited and rendered in Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but for some reason the audio doesn't play in stereo. My properties settings say I edited in stereo and I rendered in stereo, but it comes out as mono with the voice over on one channel and the music on the other channel. I checked the audio tracks and both the left and right channels are checked. What am I doing wrong? Really frustrated because it seems like such a simple thing.

    Thanks for any help!


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    A screen grab would maybe help us see if you have panned the tracks or what ever.

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    Just checking the obvious, did you record one on one channel and the other on the other? If you play the traclks on their own in Windows Media player or other Media Player are they only coming out of one channel?

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