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    Hi All
    I have recently started working with an events company where I will be editing footage on site with a quick turnaround, producing a finished piece for the customer that evening.

    I have a standalone pc but now need to get a laptop as well. I am quite budget concious but will pay for the laptop I need.
    I shoot with a Sony Z1 so I need firewire, but also could be using sd cards or memory sticks from other cameras so I need a card reader as well. I will probably be using Sony Vegas ten to edit.

    First question, If I only have a card reader can I use a "firewire card" to upload from the sony Z1 with firewire?

    I have looked at dell pcs here in Ireland and some other makes. Any advice on particular models would be a real help.

    I want to get the right mix . These are the specs that I think I need. Again any advice on this-
    1920 x 1080 screen
    4 GB - 8 GB ram
    64 bit
    i7 or i5 processor
    250 and 250 GB sata drive
    nividia card like GTX 1 GB

    Thanks In Advance

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    Mind if I ask exactly what it is your editing? and will you really be using all the editing tools to the max?

    Are you going to be doing fine precise work? Or are you simply "taking it in, chop this, transition here, title here, export"
    colour balancing each clip? finely EQing audio on each track?

    Standard Def for the forseeable future or moving into HD soon?

    Perhaps get a solid state drive instead? You'll notice the speed of that more I think!

    Perhaps 4GBs would do? Or maybe not for your purposes?

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    Thanks for your reply. I had missed it in my email. The job will be quite simple edits. I edit HDV mainly but will be moving to true HD soon. I may be able to use my desk top on site and this may do me for now.

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