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Thread: What software may I use to join two mp4 in one, without re-econding them?

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    Default What software may I use to join two mp4 in one, without re-econding them?

    I have several mp4 files, and I need to join them in one, without reenconding and loosing quality.
    These mp4 files have been rendered perfectly in SONY VEGAS, these files, make a whole video file that was rendered in several parts.
    Why rendering in several parts? because it is a HD project, it is long and I get the Out of Memory Error.
    The solution I've found was rendering the project in separate pieces.
    Of course, I did regions in SONY VEGAS assuring that if the first video begin at frame 0 and end in the frame 2500 (for example) the second video (mp4 file) of course, has to begin at frame 2501... to assure there is no frame lost among the videos.
    Okay, now I need to join them, into just 1 video file.
    And I need to do this perfectly, and without reeconding.
    I have found an utility, but its quality is very poor, its name is Avidemux. It is an Open Source program, that allows you to join files.
    The problem I find with this software is it doesn't do properly its task.
    For example...
    If I have the file video1.mp4 (starting at frame 0 and ending at frame 2500)
    and I want to join this file...
    with the file... video2.mp4
    what happens is the last frame from the previous file (video1.mp4) is repeated 10 or 12 times !!!!
    so the frame 2500 will be repeated in the 2501,2502,2503...until...2512...
    what happens with this?
    well, when you join the videos, you see clearly a cut among each video you joined (a frozen frame among the joined videos that stills some milliseconds, because when joining, it repeated the frame, from the previous video, several times).
    This software (avidemux) don't work at all.
    So I need a software that do this task perfectly, without those problems of repeating frames, and without reenconding, to avoid lose quality.
    Could you suggest me any software to do this please?
    Thanks in advance.

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    To my knowledge, there is nothing out there that will let you do this, unless you are producing a pro DVD where you can drop in video segments for chapter points and link them that way but all of these programs cost

    Sorry! Maybe another guy on here could help you out...or have you tried search google for a DVD authoring package?

    Mind if I ask why you are rendering to .mp4? What is the final method of delivery?

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