Hi all,

Im new to all video editing so I would like to find out what my best options are and I have also encounted some problems.

I would like to pass all my old 8mm Sony (CCD-TR380E) camcoder recording to my computer. I have managed to do one tape but the sound has come out terrible, so has the image. Im using windows movie maker on a HP 3240 desktop with XP OS. It has a video card that has a S-Video input + 3 RCA inputs + microphone and headphone jacks.

Ive have connected the camcoder that has 2 RCA outputs to the pc with the yellow RCA jack and the headphne of the camcoder to the microphone of the pc, is this correct?

Ive looked at some software on the web eg: pinnacle studio, adobe premier, will these improve the sound or the quality of the image at all. Or is there some other software that I can use?

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I do not want to loose my old recoding, got some dating back to 1996.

Best regards