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    Default Intro movie

    Here is a little intro I made tonight for my fiction company. I made this in a hurry and the quality isn't really good but the main concept is there.

    Note that this is my first video of this kind and that all I used was Photoshop and Premiere.

    Comments are welcome.

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    seems kind of scary, i dont really know what to say about it...

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    You see, that was kind of the point

    I wouldn't be using this for a comedy.

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    i like it mate
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    looks good so far, i'm interested in the first text effect you used, don't suppose you could share what software and what it's called, i dont usually use a lot of effects so idont exactly have an extensive knowledge.
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    it wont work for me :(

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    It didnt do anything for me :(

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    Default Nice

    I liked it.
    Was that a Trapcode Shine effect on the name?

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    I liked it. Modern and non-conformist. Smart work

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    Yep, it was shine.

    Like I said, it's the first time I try doing such an "animation" if we can call it like this. I have a good idea for a logo but I don't have the software or the knowledge to create it. I would need some 3d animation software..

    I think I'll just make a request on an animation forum.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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