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    Default Kaleidoscope Effect

    Hi Everyone,
    Not sure if I'm in the right place but here goes.
    I would like use a still photo and turn it into a moving kaleidoscope. Ive seached the Net but can't seem to find anything to discribe how to do this. This is the kind of thing I'm looking to do: Can anyone help please? It's probably easy but I'm stummed. I am using either Ulead VideoStudio 11 or Windows Movie Maker, or If you can suggest another programm?
    Many thanks, Ray

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    A brief search reveals this is "ShaderTFX" - but curiously it appears to be a Plug-In for Windows Movie Maker. . . . very odd that someone would write for such a simple Editor, but maybe that's the point - since you'll get tired of the effect a few hours after the audience.

    Did you find an alternative?

    Mirrors, perhaps?
    I'm surprised it's not one of those "extras" that Vegas adds - although I was disapointed with their music tracks - rather too beat-band, for my likes.

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