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    Hi, I am a complete beginner on here and I think its safe to say I know very little about HD, Camcorders, video editing etc. so please bare with me.
    I recently purchased the Panasonic HD SD60 camcorder and decided to invest in some video editing software as I was fascinated as a kid
    With effects and messing around with my home videos. I purchased sony vegas movie studio HD platinum 10.

    I have installed this software on a family members extremely powerful gaming PC (£2grands worth) and it works/edits/renders fine with no problems at all.
    However, it wont run on my home laptop basically because the processor is powered by a hamster on a wheelÖ
    I want to have permanent access to it so I can learn how to work the software properly, so I have decided that a new laptop is required.
    I would rather a new laptop due to space constraints and also I want to take it on business trips so I can work on editing my footage while working away from home.
    I am not bothered about rendering on the laptop as I can transfer the files to the powerful gaming PC so I basically just want to load in the HD footage to move studio 10
    And edit, add titles effects and play around with it but I need the clips to run smoothly without stuttering or stopping. My home movies are nothing more than the kids birthday, Christmas,
    Summer Holidays etc so nothing too complicated or professional.

    The AVCHD files have .MT2s file extension.
    I am after a suitable laptop that will allow me to do the above. I am on a budget so donít want to break the bank and also cant really justify spending a lot for the footage that I will be editing.
    I have looked around the net and I am thinking perhaps an i3 or i5 processor. Around 2.5GHz and about 4Gb RAM. 300-500Gb Hard disk. Graphics cards I know nothing about ?
    I am unsure if this will allow me to play/edit my HD footage without stuttering or stopping. Can anyone advise ?? My budget is around £500 so donít want to waste money and then discover it does not do what I want.
    The soul purpose of the laptop will be for editing video footage so I donít want to buy something more powerful than I require.

    The requirements recommended by Sony are.
    1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
    200 MB hard-disk space for program installation
    1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended for HD)
    I am assuming this will be minimum requirements and worry my video clips may still stutter slightly at this spec.
    Who uses sony movie studio 10 and what systems does it run on without any problems ???

    Any help will be much appreciated

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    You raw footage will run smooth but as soon as you do certain transitions or colour work or some other effects, you will start to encounter stuttered play back. You can overcome this problem by reducing the preview quality.

    I have a very good i7 level top notch PC but once I do certain things on the time I still get a stuttering playback so have to reduce the preview quality.

    My advice would be to get yourself the best, most powerful computer you can afford. This will enhance your editing experience.

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