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Thread: how low can you go(pro)?

  1. Talking how low can you go(pro)?

    This is a short test movie clip using my gopro mounted at the rear of my triumph tiger XC behind the rear tyre and also very low to the ground.

    its not meant as a finished clip, just a quick edit.
    I am filming a large bike event soon, and this is going to be one of the many viewpoints i will use to create some sort of drama...

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    That looks like a potentially useful shot and I agree with your thoughts about road lines. No evidence of any vibration as far as I could see.
    I'd suggest you avoid speed humps and doing wheelies!

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    That would be an awesome shot for a bike event(viewing other riders from the ground while on a flat straight away).

    There is only a tad of vibration, but that's part of the experience for this shot in my opinion. Its not anywhere close to being a distraction.

    Again, great shot

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    It was interesting

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