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Thread: Multi camera editing software

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    Default Multi camera editing software

    Hi, i'm looking for a program which i can use to edit a number of video streams simultaneously. I think its called "multi camera editing" but i'm not sure. It can be seen in a lot of multitrack music videos.
    I want to know of an easy and user friendly program for this. I don't have a very strong computer so if it can be fairly light it will be also good.

    Here are some pictures of these kind of videos:


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    Hi moonlander,
    from what I understand, you need a program that offers several tracks. Most programs do.
    And well, you will need a fairly "strong" computer and graphic card.

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    Most programs will let you do it, I suggest you try browsing the web and downloading trials of different packages and finding one that works best for you!

    edit: Just to say, I don't have a strong computer at home and I have had 13 tracks of DV video on screen at once and it could cope, though render times are incredibly long!

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    RaceRender 2 Video Processor should be able to do it

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