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    I've started a video editing service at . With this service, you can send me all of your video, and I will edit it and turn it into a fun, interesting movie to show to your friends and family! If you're interested, please see the website for more details. Thank you!

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    Just as a note- the price has been lowered to a flat price of $5! I haven't had anyone purchase so far, and I would really appreciate if somebody found this useful! I have no hurry, so your video would be my only concern! This would make it easier for me to get to your video and spend much effort on it!

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    I admire your effort, but I think you need to aim elsewhere.

    If I may suggest, don't collaborate doing internet video projects with people, Most people on the internet will simply ignore you when you ask for $5 ( Even though they would spend that in a heart-beat ) and I think you would find more opportunities to work on projects and grow in your local area.

    May I also suggest you remove your home address from your website? There is no valid reason why a person should know where your home address is, Your opening yourself up to a lot of junk mail and possibly some unwanted trouble.

    If you really want people to mail you items, can I suggest you use a "PO box" in your name? They can mail it to that place and then you pick it up from there.

    Apart from that, I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you stick around here in the community...there are some very experienced video gurus here ( I'm not one of them ) and I think you could benefit from reading some of the topics and even contributing to it.

    EDIT: You have since removed your address from your website which I am pleased to see.
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    I appreciate the advice, but I think I'll keep trying.
    I'm still offering a full video editing for only $5, payable via PayPal at the end of our transaction.
    But, I am also offering new Custom Logo designs. This includes stationary and mobile logos, for videos or for just being a picture. This is a free service, and just one I am wanting to try out and see if I can expand on. All "picture" logos will be made with Adobe Photoshop, and all "video" logos will be made with Adobe After Effects. So, if you want a logo, either for a business or for personal reasons, feel free to visit my website at or email me at

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