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Thread: Sony Vegas 9 subjects "bobbing"

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    Default Sony Vegas 9 subjects "bobbing"

    Hi. I have used Vegas 9 since its release and prior to that Vegas 8. Have never come accross this problem before. I have downloaded into Vegas 9 about 2.5 hrs of video from my handycam and successfully edited it all. I then burnt it to DVD and everything looks fine except for the very last event that includes the finale by the chorus. All members of the chorus are "bobbing". I went back to the pre-renderd file and sure enough the "bobbing" affect was there. I went back to the event and played it on wmp and no sign of the "bobbing". I went back to the handycam and the vision on the LCD did not have this "bobbing" affect. The bobbing only appeared once I had dumped the event on to Vegas 9. Incidently, there were other items, (duet and compere) in this last event and that vision was not subject to this bobbing .... only the chorus. Also maybe worth noting that there were several events prior to this in the video that included the chorus without the bobbing affect. I am at total loss here. Appreciate it if anyone can help. Cheers.

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    It sounds like you are experienced with Vegas but we all make mistakes, have you checked for a rouge key frame in the pan/crop tool or track motion. Or any other effect you might have on it. Also just make sure there isn't a tiny event on the time line at the bobbing point.

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    Thanks for this advice MidnightBlue. I will have another look at the pan/crop tool and track motion. I am still very much a learner and relatively inexperienced with editing. I did not mention it, but I also opened the problem event separately in a new file both in Vegas 9 and Vegas 8 (which I had retained on another computer) and had the same "bobbing" effect. I also may have been a bit misleading in my explanation in as much as the whole video frame begins to "bob/bounce" once the music/chorus begins. It is almost as if the handycame starte bobbing along with the music. But it was on the tripod and as I have mentioned previously the vision is un-affected in the camera LCD and when playing it on the computer with WMP. Could something in the sound track effect the vision track? I will suss out what you have advised me to do and again thanks for your time. I will be away for two days so will get back to you with the results as soon as I can.

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    Sounds like a frame rate and/or interlace issue. Ensure your Vegas project matches your media. Do you know how to do that? Match your project to your Media?


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    This only happens when the music starts? AND wmp is good?!?

    I'm interested.


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    Hi Grazie. No, the "Bobbing/Bouncing" frame appears even before the music begins, but not at the beginning of this event or even in any previous event that has been dumped onto the timeline. WMP is spot on... no probs. Maybe you are onto something re your suggestion re frame rate/or interlace issue. But these terms don't mean anything to me... sorry, and I don't know wher to start checking this. As far as I am aware, I have not changed any settings in the editing... but who knows?

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